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I'm a 36-year-old newly wedded mom of 2 beautiful children with one tramp stamp, one tattoo I totally regret, one tattoo I absolutely love and permanent eyeliner. 

I wanted to remove the tramp stamp and the 'regretter' as well as the bottom eyeliner. After lots of research, I ended up going for my first session of laser tattoo removal and boy-oh-boy was that painful. I was not willing to go through that process another 10 times for the tattoo to disappear so I started to investigate alternative NON-laser tattoo removal procedures. And that's how my journey started... 

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Around 40% percent of people have a tattoo that they regret. It may be a name of an ex-lover, a style that doesn't suit you, or even a really catchy phrase that you just don't want to see again.  Bottom line, you want it gone.  You dive into the internet where you encounter countless articles, techniques and terrifying photos of botched removals.  After doing your research, you find lasers are extremely painful and costly.  There are creams that can remove tattoos, but there's so many to choose from and they don't work.  And worse, what if they're harmful?  Countless people have walked the same path you are walking and want the same help you do.